23 January 2012

thank you Allah

 Assalamualaikum and hello everyone..
In this post..i would like to share a true story with everyone ..Last night I have a strange dream..It was a fine everning..i am standing at coridor with my beloved father..we are listening to religious talks because our house are very near with mosque..but suddenly i heard a strange sound from the sky..i look up..i saw the cloud turn black..i say to my father maybe it will be raining soon..but it just not rain..the thunder strike strongly..then i saw people fleeing in terror as the earthquake happen..i also heard someone says "KIAMAT!!!KIAMAT!!!!"..then my heart beat fast..i look at my father..im so affraid..i told him im was not praying yet..he just smile at me..i started to cry..i reciting the syahadah all over again..i saw my father walk in the crowded people and disappear..i call him but he just walk away..then i wake up from sleep..i cannot sleep at that time thinking for what i have dream..i will never forget that dream..i share that dream with my friend..she said that maybe Allah want to give a lesson to me..never leave the prayer..last but not least..i really thank to Allah for that dream..I hope i can be a better muslimah..Insyaallah =)

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